Drawing a Crowd

Das Poster (und noch mehr) gibt's gratis zu jeder "Rapvolution" CD — 16 brandneue Tracks von Kilez MoreSystemkritik in Rein-, Reim- und Scheibenform. Pickerl inklusive, Leiberl optional. Jetzt erhältlich auf www.kilezmore.com/shop

Standard Edition - CD, Poster, Stickerpaket (klein)
(Photo: A. Schuller)

Special Edition - CD, Poster, Stickerpaket (groß), T-Shirt
(Photo: P. Ruthard)


Anarchy in the UK

Freethinking freestyle, fresh from London ... for free!

First, here's I & IDEAL in his latest video, wearing an awesome T-shirt ...

You can buy his album "ODD ONE OUT" here: idealartist.co.uk
This is one of its 14 tracks, "Progression" featuring Heavy Duty & Rastickz ...

Next, it's Showtime! The following free-flow hip-hop half-hour features Branko, Raiyan, The Infamous O, Frank Frase, Jo Da Drunk, and the one & only CONSENSUS ...


More from Consensus coming soon ... in the meantime, check out his dubstep EP "HIGHLY DUBCEPTIVE" and join the A/V Revolution!


Art Fag

A Tobacco-Themed Triptych by Markus Fenz

I. Teenage Kicks

 II. Midlife Crisis Management

III. Terminal Breath


Applied Craniography

Order your own personal portrait! (pencil or digital print)
Prices vary depending on size, technique & medium.
Contact me for further details.

Auf Wunsch zeichne ich Ihr persönliches Porträt
(Bleistift oder Digitaldruck) nach Fotovorlage.
Preise variieren je nach Größe, Technik und Medium.
Schreiben Sie mir für weitere Details.